Workshop - PowerQueries and Data Export Manager

Most of us need to move data contained in PowerSchool to outside systems. Usually this involves exporting student data to a flat file and sending it to the outside system on a schedule.  For a long time PS admins have used Autosend to accomplish this.

During the fall PSUGIL meeting we looked at how templates in Data Export Manager can be scheduled.  But what if you needed to include data from a bunch of joined tables, transform the values, or do some advanced filtering?  For this we need SQL!

In this workshop we will demonstrate how to take a SQL query, wrap it in a plugin, and schedule it to output results to an SFTP site.  Many 3rd party systems/services can be used to accomplish this very thing. What we will be demonstrating is how to accomplish it all within PowerSchool.  This workshop is not about how to write SQL queries (though we will be working with a bunch of examples).  All experience levels are welcome to attend. However some prior knowledge of SQL will be beneficial.


Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
Springman Middle School
2701 Central Road


(847) 998-5020