We look forward to seeing everybody at tomorrow's PSUG-IL meeting. Please be aware that there will not be lunch or refreshments served at this meeting. Please plan ahead. Thanks!
Thursday, December 8, 2011 - 12:30 p.m.
Marquardt School District 15 - Glendale Heights, IL


Have you recently upgraded to PowerSchool 7 (or are you about to upgrade) and are you trying to figure it all out? 

How do I fix my customizations?    Where's the PowerSchool app on the server?

    What's the monitor?    How do I.......?

Join us for an afternoon "ask the experts" session where our experienced PSUG-IL users will try to answer your questions.  This session is intended to be an open-dialogue session where we share our experiences, expertise and learn from each other.  Please sign up for this session so we will know who many to expect.  Thanks and hope to see you there!!

At the user group meeting on May 20th,  it was asked how to include enrollment dates on an object report.  Below is the code we use on ou trascripts.

<tabl 6.26>Entry Date(s): ~(schoolentrydate)
<tabl 6.26>^([ReEnrollments]EntryDate;if.not.blank.then=) ~([ReEnrollments]EntryDate;if.fieldvalue.not.blank.then=)
<tabl 6.26>^([ReEnrollments]EntryDate;if.not.blank.then=) ^([ReEnrollments]EntryDate;if.not.blank.then=)
<tabl 6.26>Exit Date(s): ~(ExitDate)
<tabl 6.26>~([ReEnrollments]ExitDate;if.fieldvalue.not.blank.then=) ~([ReEnrollments]ExitDate;if.fieldvalue.not.blank.then=)
<tabl 6.26>~([ReEnrollments]ExitDate;if.fieldvalue.not.blank.then=) ~([ReEnrollments]ExitDate;if.fieldvalue.not.blank.then=)

This will show at most 4 entry and exit dates.  You can repeat this code to get more dates.


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